The Rise of Luxury Lifestyle Design

By Paige Harris, Vice President of Architecture & Design Like all art forms, the hospitality industry has observed trends in interior design ebb and flow among properties, but for new projects and extensive renovations, developers and designers have found a uniquely attractive style for guests through luxury lifestyle design. This style seamlessly unites the indulgent […]

Space in Hotels: Commodity or Canvas?

By Hiba Araji, Regional Design and Project Development Manager, Middle East, CIS, Central Asia In the evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, the concept of space within hotels has undergone a profound transformation. Traditionally viewed as a commodity, where the primary goal was to maximize occupancy and revenue per given area, space is now increasingly […]

The Future of Hotel Design Built on Digital Nomads

By Paige Harris, Vice President of Architecture & Design As telecommuting and the digital nomad way of life continue to grow in popularity, the hotel industry is facing significant changes in order to keep up with the new style of working sparked by the pandemic. Though hardly anyone is grateful for the pandemic, plenty of […]

What’s Trending in Hotel Design as We Move Into 2023

By Paige Harris, Director of Design and Development for Valor Hospitality Partners Travel has begun to return to pre-pandemic levels this summer, with airports seeing a surge in traffic and hotels across the country staying fully booked. The hospitality industry faced a massive shift when the pandemic hit, bringing forth new methods and motivators once […]

Valor Hospitality’s Predictions for the Hospitality Industry in 2021

Many changes are around the corner for the upcoming year, especially for the hospitality industry. Between the optimism about a COVID-19 vaccine and fluctuations in the marketplace, it’s difficult to gauge how the cards will unfold next year. As a leader in the industry, Valor Hospitality Partners got together with our CEO, Euan McGlashan, to […]

Prioritizing Weddings as Part of Your Recovery Plan

The pandemic has been incredibly disruptive on many fronts, including weddings. However, it’s an arm of the hospitality industry that is poised to rebound faster than others. With 21% of couples having postponed their wedding to later in 2020 and 41.5% opting to move their wedding to 2021, hotels will soon start seeing an influx […]

Rethinking Hotel Operations Post-Pandemic

As guests return, hotels are facing new challenges. Guests have different priorities and expectations for their stay, and hotels might continue to see low levels of occupancy as the hospitality industry continues its post-pandemic recovery. This new situation requires a plan that encompasses cleanliness and a new guest experience based on different segments. Staff and […]

The Future of Hotel Design

As the world mitigates these unprecedented times in the face of COVID-19, the future is sure to hold some intriguing changes for the hospitality industry. While some traditional high-touch hotel practices like buffet breakfasts and minibars may be put to rest, new and innovative features will take their place. As hotels ramp up their efforts […]

A New Era of Smart Hotels

As smart technology takes hold in our homes, we become accustomed to remotely controlling our home’s air temperature, lighting, security systems, and entertainment through mobile devices. This has allowed a seamless transition to smart hotel technologies. Hotels have always tried to reproduce what we have come to expect at home – and then enhance it. […]