It’s All About Relationships!

I recently returned from IPW, the United States’ largest international travel industry convention, which was held in New Orleans in June. It rotates to a different U.S. city each year, giving these cities the opportunity to showcase their destination. At the IPW trade show, U.S. suppliers have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with key international buyers. I have attended IPW for many years and it continues to give me the ability to build and strengthen my relationships with loyal clients and to develop strategic partnerships with potential new clients. Because of the challenge of cultural and language differences, the key to success for the international client is to establish trusted business relationships in order to guide them through the process of conducting business in the United States.

To excel in the sales arena, domestic or international, don’t let anyone tell you that relationships are not important. “Relationship Selling” is the core to all modern selling strategies, and the ability to nurture and maintain longterm relationships is the base of success in business and sales.

According to noted international sales trainer, Brian Tracy, “Relationship is the most important part of selling.” Many sales trainers agree that the success of a business or sales career depends on customer loyalty. The quality of the relationships you build is one of the biggest benefits of “Relationship Selling” and will keep you ahead of your competition and could potentially make or break your career.

Maybe now you’re wondering what is different about “Relationship Selling” and how it works? In our technology driven world, we are quick to use technology to reply by text or e-mail or just leave a voice message, but building relationships requires you to go the extra mile. The rewards will be surprising! Make appointments to visit your clients, look them in the eye and get to know them personally. Listening to your client is always a winning strategy because it allows you to take control of the negotiation and gives you necessary insight of the client’s expectations. Learn about their business and be able to offer ideas to help them become successful. Sometimes, when there is a problem, you need to talk to them face-to-face. You might be surprised by the loyalty and trust you will earn.

The road map to success in any sales approach will be the combination of utilizing available technology in conjunction with “Relationship Selling.” Not only could you become a top producer for your company and stand out from the crowd, but you will be building relationships and friendships that last for the lifetime of your career and beyond.