Is being a leader something you learn once in your life or do you have to continually evolve?

Many people begin their careers from an academic foundation or from learning the tools of a job.  Neither is right or wrong.  In the hospitality industry, the general philosophy is hire for personality and train the skills of the job.  Once you become the expert in the skills, you get promoted to supervisor because you know how to do the job, and even better, you grow to the position of manager.  You got here in the main because you are the best at doing the job, the processes part, and all too often you don’t have all the tools you need in your toolkit, the ingredients to become a great leader.

Becoming a great leader means that you need to start developing these skills from as early as you start learning the job role, and continue to evolve these and keep pace with the times.  We have a culture now to train leadership skills at all levels as we firmly believe great leaders engage their teams the best, and the business prospers.

One of our recent successes was to take 28 departmental managers and invest in their leadership skills through training with the Institute of Leadership.  Of the 28 attendees, 22 grew their department employee engagement scores.  Why did this happen? We have a clear purpose, a culture of trying new things and learning.  We opened their minds with new knowledge and the techniques to improve their capability as leaders, in the here and now and they did just that.

Leadership of today’s millennials requires us to align with their instant lives filled with technology and social media that allows them to get what they want fast.  They’re impatient, life is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a device always to hand.  There is no app though for job satisfaction! So as a Company we need to be clear about our purpose, give them the opportunity to make an impact, encourage innovation and passion and compensate for what technology can’t do… that’s truly care about the person.  Nurture that relationship, develop the mutual trust.

Be creative, be clear, be innovative, and keep learning ourselves! How you lead tomorrow won’t be the same as yesterday! Help your leaders see this light, to let go of the past and evolve their own new book of leadership – one full of empty pages waiting for them to come up with new interesting and innovative things to fill them.