How to manage like a leader

The fundamentals of good leadership are attitude, empathy and responsiveness.

I’ve often been asked about secrets to managing people and leading teams. I like this topic, but believe there is a difference between managing and leading.

Managing is more process oriented, with tasks executed to timelines. Leading requires inspirationally motivating teams to display passion and enthusiasm, while promoting an atmosphere of harmony where every team member is given equal opportunity to shine and advance. Here are my fundamentals of leadership:

Attitude is everything. Unfortunately, great leaders have few people above them to give positive reinforcement, motivation or gratitude—be it clients or their own team members. Typically, they only hear when things have gone wrong. It can be a thankless, tough existence. Leaders are not just responsible, they’re also accountable. You have to begin every day in a positive frame of mind––it may be challenging, but invigorating. Good days and bad days intertwine; accept and embrace them. At the end of each day, if you are exhausted because you’ve been inspiring your teams and taking your business forward, you will sleep well knowing your clients are sleeping well because of your team’s performance. You motivated them to serve clients with enthusiasm and a positive outlook! Enthusiasm is contagious; both teams and clients are charged by high-energy leaders.

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