Hotel food and drink: social services

The limp room-service sarnie and soggy breakfast buffet – long the bane of the business traveler – may at last be about to be consigned to history.

In a bid to diversify, hotels are attempting to offer more appetising fare and become destinations for all-day eating, meeting and socialising. A growing number of operators are revamping their menus, often in partnership with brand-name restaurateurs, to make their food offer stand out and make money.

So how well are they doing? And what are they doing to tackle the “plodding mediocrity”?

Many are finding that by automating and shrinking back-room operations, they can in turn offer more space to revenue-generating eating and drinking areas. “It’s about bringing back the open, social lobby and, in doing that, you see the room service minimised,” says Euan McGlashan, managing partner for Valor Hospitality Europe.
“Front-of-house, cafe spaces with designer coffees are driving people back into the hotels, along with bars with big-margin drinks, including craft beers and high-end spirits.”

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