Having a fantastic Time making a difference

This is why I love my job.

It has variety, challenges and something new and exciting every day.

Just last week, I had the opportunity to review furniture suppliers, look at a new TV option and attend a wine tasting for a great range of SA wines, all in one day.

Procurement, to be effective, needs to be at the centre of a business. At Valor, that’s where we are, involved in all elements of the business.

I have a fantastic role, making a real difference to the business and our customers. I see the role as sales development, not sales prevention and in doing so adding value, but also adding fun and flexibility to our customers – the hotels.

To ensure we have a strong operating platform, we work with a purchasing consortia they are not new and neither, to a large degree, is e-procurement.

Working with our purchasing partner gives us flexibility and allows us to deliver our own business needs at every level, to deliver an improved margin and improved costs.

At the heart of our procurement is a proven e-procurement solution, called Epsys. Epsys is the leading hospitality-related online ordering system that readily handles the e-trading requirements of our group. When we combined Valor’s and Acquires skills, our procurement purchasing developed real strength in the form e-trading platform that benefits all our goods and services in one place.

We have developed Epsys to operate at every level of our business supporting F&B to CAPEX and housekeeping, leaving no stone un-turned.

With Epsys, we are linked into all of our suppliers and it prevents us from logging in and out of different supplier websites to place orders, which is painful. With Epsys we centralise all of our supplier orders, get our goods and manage our invoicing from just one web-based system.

We have shaped the range of supply categories that we need and, with Acquire, work with common suppliers to set up and manage the supply arrangements, improving our efficiencies. We order online goods and services required and they arrive. Simple! No commitment and no fees for logging on and being part of the system.

Our operating costs are always competitive because we are able to monitor supplier pricing on a daily basis and match this against what we buy. We see the impact and can track the costs, and when there are issues, we review and take action, so the operators don’t need to worry about getting a great deal.

Working with Epsys doesn’t affect our supplier’s relationships, in fact, it adds value as we are in many cases part of a bigger team. Through the system we are able to monitor performance of ourselves as well as our suppliers. In order to manage both our hotels and supplier performance we have established a range of KPIs we measure on. This ensures that the very highest standards are being delivered including measuring, invoicing, order fulfilment, and credits as a few examples.

As we are able to see all suppliers on the same platform, we have delivered savings and improved product quality through mapping. In addition, we are using mapping to ensure we deliver brand compliance, ensuring the best guest experience.

Having a fully integrated procurement system has enabled procurement to deliver a seamless solution to our hotels with real time costs, the ability to carry out stock valuations and recipes and allergen details.

On the commercial side we operate an approvals process, with differing levels and adjusted to different categories, allowing budget levels to be set, expenditures controlled all while managing brand compliance and ensuring traceability.

We encourage competition between our suppliers because this keeps the prices low and the service standards high, while maintaining quality!

Going forward always looking for the next thing that will make us different.

We must have fun and enjoy what we do – that’s the key to success.