Gearing up for the tour de valor

On 4th June, we launched Tour de Valor, a challenge that will see Valor colleagues walk, run, swim and cycle over 4,500 miles in a bid to boost their health and wellbeing.

Valor teams in the UK will be aiming to cover 1,076 miles, the equivalent distant between each of our 17 hotels from Plymouth to Essex via Glasgow. While the US will be trying to rack up 2,459 miles, the distance between the Sea Gate Inn and Ocean Lodge in Georgia, up to Hotel Shocard in New York.

Any physical activity counts, whether it’s rowing, skiing or even playing golf. Miles can be entered into the Strava app manually, or automatically counted with various fitness gadgets.

As a company, we’re on a health and wellbeing drive, encouraging our team members to get fit whilst also having fun. Whether it’s trying out something new or dedicating time to an activity that we already love, it all helps to improve our physical and mental health which in turn, can make us more productive. It’s also a fantastic way of connecting teams and building employee engagement.

Various activities are taking place across the summer, including the Valor Parkrun day on Saturday 23rd June 2018 in the UK where we’re encouraging team members to get together to run in their local Parkrun and collectively clock up some miles towards the overall target.

We are looking forward to the UK and US team members joining forces, getting on their bikes or walking shoes and racing toward this health and wellbeing target together!

So team, on your marks….